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New Patients

When you walk into Record Health Chiropractic, you will find a beautifully decorated environment with music playing softly in the background. We offer a fun atmosphere that is welcoming and relaxing for all ages.

Getting Started

There is some simple paperwork for you to fill out after your arrival. You will then watch a brief video on what you can expect during this visit. Next, Dr. Rick will introduce himself to discuss what has brought you in and whether this is the right place for you. If you are, we’ll start on a thorough, specific exam. Kale K4 nerve scanning technology will take thermocouple scans that measure your muscle and nerve function. We take X-rays on most patients since our adjustments are measured to the exact specifications of what you need. This information is gathered from taking full-spine X-rays.

Dr. Rick will then need time to analyze your results, so we welcome you back for a report of his findings.

Welcome to Record Health Chiropractic

Your Second Visit

When you return, you will sit down with Dr. Rick to discuss your examination and X-rays. We will inform you if we can help. If so, we will get started by giving you a chiropractic adjustment.

Following Up

At your regular appointments, Dr. Rick will give you a precise adjustment, then have you rest for 15 minutes. We will check you afterward to make sure any areas of pressure have been alleviated.

If there are areas of your spine that can be helped but not completely corrected, some maintenance may be required. Your spine does not always hurt when it is out of alignment. Having chiropractic checkups on a periodic basis is a smart choice to ensure your spinal health.

Find Out More

We hold a new patient orientation class every Wednesday at 6:15 p.m. This class takes 30-40 minutes and will teach you more about what we do and how to help your healing progress. We welcome the public to attend this talk.

Insurance coverage can be used for your visits. Contact us to schedule your time with us today.


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